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Welcome to Department of Statistics

Department of Statistics

The foundation for teaching Statistics in the state of Odisha was laid in 1957 by the opening of a Diploma Course in Statistics under the Utkal University. This led to the birth of the first Post Graduate Department of Statistics in the state in 1958. The establishment of the Department could be possible due to the pioneering efforts made by a well-known mathematician and educationist of the state late Professor Bama Charan Das. Late Dr. Chakradhar Mishra, a brilliant mathematician turned statistician and former Director, Bureau of Statistics, Govt. of Odisha was no less instrumental in bringing about growth of the Department since its inception. Late Professor Sadhu Charan Das, an eminent mathematician who was trained at Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata and educated at Australian National University, Canberra, Australia had the distinction and privilege of being its first Head. Subsequently, Professor J. Sarangi, who had his Ph.D. from University of Alberta, Canada steered the Department to a new height. Professor A.K.P.C.Swain, late Professor I.S.Rao, Professor L.N.Sahoo, Professor G.Mishra were the distinguished Faculty primarily responsible for leading the Department to its present status. The Department in its 57-year span of existence has enriched the society by producing very distinguished academicians, researchers, administrators, entrepreneurs and so on and so forth.


The mission of the Department of Statistics is to contribute to the overall objectives of Utkal University.


    Being the premier and oldest department in the state, it has the responsibility to impart excellence in research and education in the statistical science. Also, it aims at disseminating statistical knowledge through teaching, consultancy and outreach programs.