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National Service Scheme (NSS)


Established in 1969, the National Service Scheme (NSS) unit in Utkal University organizes several activities with an aim to bring personality development of the students through Community Service.  With the active participation of students the unit strives to inculcate civic and social responsibility in the students.

Objective of NSS:-

  • Understanding the community in which they work.
  • Understanding themselves in relation to their community.
  • Identifying the needs and problems of the community and involving them in problem solving process
  • Developing among themselves a sense of civic and social responsibility.
  • Utilizing their knowledge in finding practical solution to individual and community problem.
  • Developing competence required for group living and sharing of responsibilities.
  • Gaining skills in mobilizing community participation
  • Acquiring leadership quality and democratic attitude
  • Developing capacity to meet emergencies and natural disasters
  • Practicing National Integration and Social Harmony.


 ∗ NSS Coverage:-

The NSS wing of Utka l University covers  266 affiliated colleges . Under the wing 23,500 volunteers manage 470 units.

NSS Activities

Out of the two earmarked Programmes under NSS activities like NSS Regular Activities and special camping Programmes, the NSS Bureau of Utkal University organized various other activities such as:

  • Inter college NSS camps
  • Blood Donation camp
  • Plantation drives
  • Swachha Bharat Mission
  • Awareness Camps on Environment Protection
  • Antidrug Addition
  • Preservation of Old monuments
  • Free Health Check up Camps
  • AIDS Awareness
  • Skill Development Programmes through TISS and state Employment Mission
  • Leprosy Awareness
  • Youth Exchange Programmes

State level NSS Inter University Camp on the Occasion of Celebration of International Day on Yoga

The NSS Bureaus has organized a state level Inter University NSS camp on the occasion of celebration of International Day of Yoga from 17-06-15 to 25-06-16 inside Utkal University campus with 260 NSS volunteers. The NSS volunteers from 9 Universities participated successfully in the said camp. On the eve of celebration of International Day of Yoga on 21.06.15, the volunteers practiced basics of Yoga under the supervision of Yoga experts. They not only learnt the basics of Yoga but also took the pledge to disseminate the message of Yoga with its practice among the community where they belong to. The volunteers also planted 200 numbers of plants in the campus and cleaned the campus under Swachha Bharat Mission. The volunteers rendered commendable services at Lord Alarnath Temple of Brahamgiri during Maha Anabasar to Car Festival, Suna Besa and Neeladri Bije at Puri. The volunteers helped the police personnel in traffic control, safe passage for Ambulances, arranged queues of pilgrims to avoid stampede and safe viewing of festival, helped the private agencies in providing free kitchen to the pilgrims throughout the day and night for which the Govt. of Odisha Department of Higher Education felicitated 56 outstanding NSS Volunteers, 02 Programme Officers and the Programme Coordinator, NSS Bureau of Utkal University with cash prize, citation, flower bouquet and shawl.


  • NSS special campus

NSS special campus are another flagship programme of NSS activities. The NSS units of various colleges under Utkal University organized special campus as follows.

Year                         No. of campus                                  No. of participants

2010 – 11               234                                         5850

2011 – 12               182                                         4550

2012 – 13               144                                         3600

2013 – 14               165                                         4125

2014 – 15               163                                         4075


  • A) Consultation programme on Skill Development

The Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor attended the consultation programme at Bigyan Bhawan, New Delhi from 24.05.13 to 25.05.13 organized by TISS and supported by advisor to Prime Minister’s officer on skill development. The Vice-Chancellor committed to organize various skill development programmes with the help of TISS to make the students self reliant in future. The programme is started in 3 colleges initially with a target of covering all colleges under Utkal University. As a part of the programme National University Student Skill Development programme (NUSSD) by introducing “Skill Training” so that the NSS volunteers at degree level acquire job related skills through Tata institute of social sciences (TISS), the key knowledge partner. Utkal University, Bhubaneswar is one of the participating universities among the 11 other universities. Under Utkal University, the following three colleges have been identified to target the NSS volunteers;

  1. City women’s Degree college, Bhubaneswar.
  2. Balugaon college, Balugaon, Khordha.
  3. B Mahavidyalaya, Chandikhole, Jajpur

NUSSD will target 5000 students in the next 3 years. +3 degree students from the colleges will acquire “Certificate in management and soft skills” which include the following courses: Motivating youth: skill Building, Engilish Communication, youth leadership and soft skills, financial literacy, Digital literacy, Legal literacy, skills in working with communities. After completing these courses, there will be some domain area courses for students to study. The students will confer certificate and diploma certificate after completing the whole course modules.


  • NUSSD status update
  • Three programme officers are working at 3 colleges to mobilize resources for NUSSD.
  • Successfully completed integrated summer course on management in soft-skill where 55 students had attended from three pilot colleges.
  • Completed 5 Training of Trainers (ToT) for five foundation courses on management and soft-skills and 65 trainers have been went through these ToTs.
  • Students registration in progress and our target is 1000 from three pilot colleges.
  • B) Placement linkage Training Programme

As a pilot project to give the educated youth employment opportunities the Employment mission has organized placement linkage Training programmes for the NSS volunteers, students and other unemployed youth of the community in four colleges on different dates as stated below. The employment officer of U.E.I. & G.B of Vani Vihar has given a career counseling/planning talk to the volunteers and students present in the programme. Application forms and PLTP details were given to the participants to register their names under the programme and mobilize the other unemployed youth to avail the opportunity.

Sl. No

Name of the college

Date of the Programme

No. of participants


B.B.Mahavidyalaya, Chandikhole




M.H.D.Mahavidyalaya, Chhatia



3, Baranga, Khurda




Baneswar Degree College, Balianta




  • District programme officers and Block level nodal officers, NSS

In order to assist the programme coordinator Nos in proper monitoring and coordinator of NSS programmes in the district the state govt. has appointed 9DPOS and frothier 86BInos from among the active NSS programme officers of the district and Block as follows :-



Sl No.          Districts                                DPOs                         BLNOs


1                   Angul                                     01                                08

2                   Cuttack                                  01                                14

3                   Dhenkanal                            01                                08

4                   Jagatsinghpur                                  01                                08

5                   Jajpur                                     01                                10

6                   Kendrapada                          01                                09

7                   Khurda                                               01                                10

8                   Nayagarh                              01                                08

9                   Puri                                         01                                11


The in DPOs have successfully monitored and guide the POs to coordinate special and inter college campus organized by different colleges of their respective districts. They also successfully managed the Self Defense programme in the dist. The Block also successfully managed and organized volunteers Internship programmes organized by directorate of youth services and sports dept at the Block level.

  • Internship programme

The Directorate of youth services & sports organized Internship programmes through Nos at Block level to make the students self recreant which was successfully organized by BLVOS as a result around 1967 Nos. of student youth were benefitted out of 4500 under the state youth poufy 2013.

  • Collaborative agencies

The NSS units of different colleges collaborated with various Govt. & non Govt. agencies in executing its activities like Panchayati Raj Dept., R.D. Dept SC/ST Dept, Schools and Mass Education, Housing & Urban Development Dept., Forest and Environment Dept., Women & Child Welfare Dept., UNICEF, OSDMA, etc.

  • National Voters Day

In order to create awareness among the adults to take part in electron procedure in a democratic country like India, the Chief Election Commission launched National Voters Day campaign through NSS. Accordingly, the state selection commission launched the campaign and involved the NSS volunteers in the process. The NSS units organized door to door campaign for addition, selection, new enrollment and correction of existing voter list. Various competitions like slogan, poster were organized among the NSS volunteers. The successful and active volunteers were declared as campus ambassadors.


  • Inter National Population Day

National Population stabilization Fund an autonomous body organized population rallies in 8 Universities across India out of which NSS Bauru U.U is one on the day I.E. on 11.07.15 a mega NSS rally was organized in the day Bhubaneswar City covering 6 kms by NSS Bureau in which 600 NSS volunteers from deferent college has participate and disseminate the message of various hussars of population Growth through posters, Banns and Giving slogans.

  • Control and prevention of Dengue

In view of the spread over of Dengue in Cuttack City, 100 NSS volunteers of Cuttack were deployed at the request of District Collector, Cuttack for control and prevention of dengue.The volunteers searched 30 households and verified the lying types, mat coolers used green colonist, Air-conditions, flower tree surrounds etc in collaboration with Cuttack municipal Corporation.

  • International Youth Exchange Programme :-

The NSS Volunteers of Utkal University participated in the International Youth Exchange Program at Hotel May Fair, Bhubaneswar and interacted with 34 youth members Youth Delegation of Srilanka and South Korea. The foreign delegates received the NSS Clappings of Odisha and they presented the dry food items of their country in return.