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Prof.Dr(Mrs.) Swarnamayee Tripathy

Swarnamayee Tripathy Name : Prof.Dr(Mrs.)   Swarnamayee Tripathy
Designation : Professor & Head
Qualification : Ph.D.
Phone No. : +91-9438013946
E-mail ID : smtripathy2010(at)gmail(dot)com
  • Gender Studies
  • Development Studies
  • Administrative Theory
  • Public Policy & Governance
  • Administrative Thinkers, Development Administration, Urban Governance, Administrative Theory, Research Methodology
  1. Guidance :
    1. MPhil Guidance:
      Sl No  Name of the Scholar Year of award of Degree Topic of MPhil Thesis Summary of the Research Outcome(In 100 Words)
      1 Jeetendra Kumar Das 2019 Revisiting Idea of Justice
      2 Singh Subhalaxmi Baidhar 2018 Disaster Management in Odisha: A Comparative Analysis of Management in Phailin and Titili Cyclone
      3 Ruchi Pallavi Nayak 2018 Cyclonic Disaster in Odisha: A case Study of Phailin
      4 Ishrat Jahan 2018 Implementation of Forest Rights Act, 2006 in India
      5 Bighneswar Rout 2018 Political participation of women in Panchayati Raj: A Study of Parjang Block in Dhenkanal District)
      6 Gayatri Barik 2018 Health Care in Tribal Odisha
      7 Sonam 2017 Maternity Benefits to Women: A Study of organized Sector in India
      8 Jeeban Jyoti Baliar Singh 2016 Indian state and Development of Official Language
      9 Jagabandhu Sahu 2016 Status of Primary Education of Tribal Children in India with special reference to Odisha
      10 Deepak Kumar Jena 2015 Socio-economic condition of migrant workers in Krishna Prasad Block of Puri District
      11 Pranati Das 2015 Gender gap in financing higher education in India
      12 Sudhanshu Sekhar Nayak 2015 India and Millenium Development Goals: A Study into reducing child mortality and improving maternal health
      13 Pradyot Ranjan Rout 2014 Poverty Eradication through MGNREGA
      14 Sagar Ranjan Behera 2014 Social Security system and Disabled in India
      15 Loknath Jagat 2014 Ethics and Civil Service in India
      16 Devashish Patel 2013 Rural Development & MGNREGA
      17 Saraswati Sahu 2013 Tribal Development in Odisha
      18 Rashmi Ranjan Swain 2012 Urban Development Administration:A Study of Sanitation & Transport under JNNURM
      19 Mahabir Swain 2012 Public Distribution system of India:An Analytical Study
      20 Prafulla kumar Barik 2012 Rural Poverty & MGNREGA: A study of State of Odisha
      21 Jamuna Majhi 2012 Urban & Housing Development Department of Odisha: A study
      22 Sarbari Behera 2011 Reservation and Inclusive Growth
      23 Rashmi Ranjita Nayak 2011 Orissa State Disaster Management Authority:A Study
      24 Puspanjali Rout 2011 Tribal Development Administration in Orissa:Its Problems and Prospects
    2. PhD Guidance:
      Sl No  Name of the Scholar Year of award of Degree Registration No Name of the Co-guide if any Fellowship received if any during research Topic of PhD Thesis Summary of the Research Outcome(In 100 Words)
      1 Sagarika Swain 2018 ` Women leadership in rural local governance: a study of kakatpur block in
      2 Bijay Kumar Biswal 2017 ` 05-Public Administration,2007-2008 Financial Administration and Accountability : A study of effectiveness of local fund audit organization in orissa
      3 Madhusmita Patra 2016 ` 06. Pub. Admn.2007-2008 Administration of Healthcare :A Case Study of Odisha
      4 Lina Rani Pradhan 2015 ` Socio-Economic Empowerment of Women through Self-Help Groups
      5 Umesh Chandra Debata 2011 ` Political Participation of Mine workers in Odisha
  2. Journal Publications :
    1. International Publications:
    2. National Publications:
      1 S. Tripathy ,Corporate Social Responsibility, Public Administrative Review , Vol XII, 2011.
      2 S.Tripathy, Towards Equality, The Orissa Political Science Journal, pp210-215, 2003.
      3 P.Mahapatra and S.Tripathy “Is Matriarchal Family System a better alternative for Women in Indian Society”, ‘Social Science Explorer’ Vol. 1, ISSN No. 0976-1969, P.55- 64, 2010.
      4 S.Tripathy& Lina Rani Pradhan.‘Self Help Group: A Tool of Economic Empowerment’, ,Public Administrative Review, Special issue, ISSN-2249-3360, 2011.
      5 S. Tripathy Corruption:Role of Civil Society in India’, Public Administration.
      Review, Vol 13, ISSN-2249-3360, 2012
      6 S. Tripathy, “Impact of development induced displacement: A Study on Dandakaranya Project, Public Policy Perspectives,Vol XII, 2012,P80-89.
      7 S. Tripathy ,Shining Odisha and its Women Migrants, Journal of Indian Institute of Public Administration, vol21, 2013.
      8 S.Tripathy & S.Swain,Deepening Democracy through Local Governance in India, S.Tripathy & S.Swain Public Administrative Review, Vol 13, ISSN-2249-3360, 2013.
      9 S.Tripathy,Emerging dimensions of Indian democracy: study in the eve of elections to 16th Lok Sabha, S.Tripathy, Public Policy Perspectives, Vol. XIII,2014.
      10 S.Tripathy & S.Swain,Nature of emerging women leadership in grass root politics, S.Tripathy . & S.Swain, Public Administrative Review, Vol XIII, ISSN-2249-3360, 2014.
      11 S.Tripathy,& L.R.Pradhan,Corporate and Women Empowerment in Odisha, S.Tripathy & L Pradhan, Odisha Review, Vol LXX, no.5,Dec , P51-62(2013).
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      17 S.Tripathy,Women in Power and Decision-Making in an Indian State, The Search, Vol.II, pp66-78, 2008.
      18 S.Tripathy, Women’s Empowerment: searching for a synergy between SHGs and PRI Institutions Annual Journal of Indian Institute of Public Administration Vol.XVI, pp282-296, 2008.
      19 S.Tripathy, Globalisation and Human Rights, Public Policy Perspective, Vol.XI, pp74-80.2008.
      20 S.Tripathy, Welfare State Destructured, Utkal Journal of Political Science, Deptt. Of Political Science, Utkal Univesity, Vol.XV, pp20-24.2007.
      21 S.Tripathy, Rural Women and Planning in India: A Critical Look at Half-Century Development Public Policy Perspectives, Vol.VI, pp25-32, 1999.
      22 Dr. Amrita Patel (Co-Author) Women and work: A Study of Odisha Vol-1, issue-1, 2018-19
      23 Does Federalism Mean Devolution of Power? 2017, Annual Journal of IIPA, Odisha Chapter, 2017-18
      24 Curbing Corruption:Role of Civil Society in India’, Public Administrative Review,2012, Vol 13, ISSN-2249-3360 2012-13
    3. Review Articles(State Level Publications):
  3. Conference Publication(Presented/Published in proceedings):

  1. Edited Books :
    1 Women On Resurgent Path (Edited), Kunal Publication,(Co-Editors are Prof. Sabita Acharya, Mamata Dash, Aliva Mahanty
    2 Women Reinventing Development: The Odisha Experience (Under Publication by Aakar Publication, Co-editors are Asha Hans, Dr. Amrita Patel, Dr. Bidyut Mahanty
  2. Text Books :
  3. Book Chapters :
    1 Book Authored: S.Tripathy, Political Participation of women workers in India, Vikas Publication, New Delhi, 2000.
    2 Book Chapters S.Tripathy & Sushila Kaushik, Bharatme Jana Andolan, Kishan Andolan tatha Ttrade Union Andolan, in the book ‘Bharatiya Rajniti & Shasan’ edited by Dr. Susheela Kaushik, Puja publications, New Delhi, 1984, pp578-601, the book has been prescribed as a text book for under graduate classes.
    3 Book Chapters S.Tripathy Women and their Work Environment, in the book ‘Women in India, A search for Identity’, Anmol publication, New Delhi, 1999, pp129-148.
    4 Book Chapters S.Tripathy Gandhian Economics: A Study, published in the book ‘Reflections on Gandhi-The Forgotten Mahatma’ (ed. By Susmit Pani and Niranjan Pani, Zenith Books International, Delhi, pp16-30), 2008.
    5 Book Chapters S.Tripathy ‘Consumers and Globalisation in Rural India’, in Globalisation and Consumer Rights: Emerging Dimensions, Abhijit Publication, New Delhi, ISBN-978-93-5074-040-8 (2012).
    6 Book Chapters S.Tripathy ‘Widow and Social exclusion’, in Navneeta Rath , (ed.) Social Exclusion and Gender, Abhijeet Publication, New Delhi, ISBN: 978-93-5074-001-9(2012).
    7 Book Chapters S.Tripathy Women and Environmental Movement in India’, in Climate change and Politics of Development’, edited by Dr. K.B.Das & Dr. G.dash, ISBN9789381839218 (2013).
    8 Book Chapters S.Tripathy. ‘Gender Dimensions of Development Induced displacement: An Analysis of Public Policy in India’, 2015, in Mamata Swain et al(ed.)‘Gender Dimensions of Displacement and Resettlement’ ISBN978-93-8357-543-5, SSDN Publishers, New Delhi (2015).
  4. Research Books :
    1  Self Help Groups, Empowerment and Women, Kunal Publications, 2017 With Lina Rani Pradhan
    2  New Horizons of Health care in India,2018, Kunal Publication, with Madhusmita Patra, Bijoyini Mahanty and Indramani Jena
  1. Workshops:
  2. Seminars:
1 Executive Diretor, Instiyute of Public Studies and Research, Bhubaneswar since 2008.
2 Joint Secretary, IIPA, Odisha Chapter(2009-11).
3 Associate Director, Development Research Institute, Bhubaneswar.
4 Member, Executive Committee, Gabesana Chakra, Bhubaneswar.
5 Member, Human Rights centre, IIPA, Odisha Chapter(2012-14)
6 Patron, Vivekananda Kendra, Pratisthan, Kanya Kumari.
7 Member, Subject Research Committee for Political Science, Utkal University.
8 Member, SRC, Public administration, utkal University.
9 Member, SRC, Pol.Sc., Utkal University.
10 Member, SRC, Journalism, Utkal University.
11 Member Board Of Studies, Pol.Sc., Utkal University.
12 Member, Board Of Studies, Pub.Adm. Utkal University.
  1. Teaching:
  2. Important Activities:
  3. Research Projects Undertaken:
    1  Heritage, Disaster and Sustainable livelihood:Exploring Innovative policy options, Sponsored by Indian Council of Social Science Research( Ongoing Project)  Maternity Benefits to Women in Organized sector: A study of women working in Higher Education Institutions of Odisha sponsored by National Commission for Women(Completed)  Women Construction Workers in Odisha, sponsored by State Commission for Women, Odisha with Dr. Amrita Patel  ‘Social Impact Assessment study of Capacity building of Women Panchayat Representativesin five districts of Odisha’ 2014,funded by National Alliance for Women, Odisha Chapter  ‘Trafficking on women: A study of domestic workers in Odisha’ 2012, funded by Global Alliance for Trafficking against women, Bangkok( A consultant in the Project)  A Status of Widows in The Holy City of Puri, project funded by Neelanchal Seva Samiti ,Puri,2008( a consultant in the Project)  ‘Women in power and decision-making in Orissa The Study was conducted for the Status Report on Women in Orissa,- Funding Agency- National Alliance For Women, The Orissa Chapter, Bhubaneswar ,2007  An Exploratory Study of Female Migration in Orissa, Funded by National Alliance for Women Orissa Chapter, 2005( Data Analysis was made and report was prepared by me)
  4. Invited Lectures:
  5. Administrative/Executive experience:
  6. Conference organized as Organizing Secretary: