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Dr. Bidhu Bhusan Mishra

Bidhu Bhusan Mishra Name : Dr.   Bidhu Bhusan Mishra
Designation : Professor
Qualification : M.Com, MBA, Ph.D, D.Litt., FDP in Management from IIM, Ahmedabad, Commonwealth Academic Fellow (Cardiff University, UK)
Phone No. : +91-94371 34777
E-mail ID : bidhu(dot)mishra(at)gmail(dot)com
  • Marketing
  • Organisational Behaviour & Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing
  • Research methodology
  • cost and management accounting
  1. Guidance :
    1. MPhil Guidance:
      Sl No  Name of the Scholar Year of award of Degree Topic of MPhil Thesis Summary of the Research Outcome(In 100 Words)
    2. PhD Guidance:
      Sl No  Name of the Scholar Year of award of Degree Registration No Name of the Co-guide if any Fellowship received if any during research Topic of PhD Thesis Summary of the Research Outcome(In 100 Words)
      1 Sunita Mall ` Dr. G. Mishra A Study on Retail Service Quality: An Analytical Approach
      2 Madhusmita Choudhary 2019 ` Dr. P. K. Mohanty Brand evangelism and customer satisfaction of car purchase
      3 Prasant Guru (Submitted) 2019 ` Study of Mineral Sector Projects in Odisha from 1980 to 2015- Implementation challenges and directions for future
      4 Pallabi Mund 2018 ` Stress and ‘Hardiness’: A Study of the Efficacy of ‘Hardiness’ among Indian Corporate Professionals
      5 Sanat Mishra 2018 ` Dr. M. K. Mishra Study on market-led Initiatives by farmer groups of Odisha
      6 Subidita Pattnaik 2017 ` A Study on Influence of Store Attributes On Consumer Store Choice and Patronage Behavior
      7 Aditya Ranjan Samal 2017 ` An Analysis of the uncertainty Factors affecting the sustainable linkage of Distribution of Paddy in Odisha
      8 J. Gopal Krishnan 2017 ` Importance of Building Customer Satisfaction Value and Retention: Relevance to Service Industry
      9 Gangadhar Mishra 2016 ` Distribution Practices and Cost Efficiency Measures in ParadeepPhophates Limited (PPL)
      10 Priyanka Tripathy 2014 ` Dr. K.C. Das Consumer perception and preference for emerging Retail Formats in Urban
      11 Arabinda Tripathy 2014 ` A Multilevel Exploration of Factors Influencing retail Image and Service Quality Assessment in Retail Centres in Orissa
      12 Manoranjan Dash 2013 ` Dr. S. K. Biswal An Empirical Study of Customer’s Attitude towards using Internet Banking in Orissa-
      13 Prasant Kumar Parida 2013 ` Dr. S. Panda Measuring the Effectiveness of Social Marketing: A study on Behaviour Tracking among Long-distance Truckers of Orissa
      14 Gaurav K. Kundu 2011 ` Impact of Reform and Privatisation on Stakeholders with special reference to Power Sector Reforms in India
      15 Prasant Ku. Dash 2011 ` Consumer Decision Making Styles on Retail Shopping: A Special Focus on Textile Consumption in Orissa
      16 Priyabrata Patanaik 2011 ` Power Sector Reform: A New Way of Corporate Governance
      17 Minaketan Sarangi 2011 ` Environment, Competency and Performance: An Exploratory Analysis of Small Scale Industrial Entrepreneurs of Orissa
      18 Prafulla Ku. Rath 2011 ` Management of Non-Performing Assets in Banks
      19 Anushree Mishra 2011 ` A Study on Emotional Intelligence in Aluminium Industries in Orissa
      20 Ashok Ku. Dash 2011 ` Brand Revitalisation Strategies in evolving Market Scenario: A Study of Selected Indian Pharmaceutical Companies in Orissa MarketBrand Revitalisation Strategies in evolving Market Scenario: A Study of Selected Indian Pharmaceutical Companies in Orissa Market
      21 Manit Mishra 2010 ` An Empirical Investigation of Materialism among Urban Indian Customers : Scale Validation and Assessment of Relationship with Consumer Behaviour Parameters
      22 Subhasmita Biswal 2010 ` Organisational Culture and Work Motivation in Banking Sectors: A Comparison between Public and Private Sector Banks
      23 Ayashkanta Mohanty 2010 ` Effect of Organisation Culture and Leadership Behaviour on Organisational Commitment, Job Satisfaction and Job Performance at Small and Medium sized firms in Orissa
      24 Debajani Sahu 2009 ` Dr. Prita H. Vyash Integrating CRM Practices in Hotel Operations: Managerial and Operational Implications: A Comparison between Orissa and Gujurat Hotels
      25 Vijaya Bandyopadhyaya 2009 ` Dr. T. K. Pani Assessing Service Quality in Educational Institutions in Orissa
      26 Sanjay Ku. Kar 2009 ` Dr. P.K. Sinha Category Management Practices and Performance in India
      27 Subhashree Panda 2009 ` Organisational Stress and Coping Strategies: A Comparative Study of Manufacturing and Service Industries in Orissa
      28 Bidisha Mohanty 2009 ` Dr. Prabhas Ku. Mishra Assessment of Human Resources Strategy in Corporate Sector
      29 Sanjit Ku. Dash 2009 ` Dr. B.B. Pradhan Influence of Family members on Household Product Purchase Decisions
      30 Jyotirmayee Choudhury 2008 ` A study on Mediating Role of Intellectual Capital between HR Configuration and Organisational Performance with specific reference to Indian Organisations
      31 Ranjan Ku. Kantha 2008 ` Dr. Sarat Ku. Lenka Customer Relationship Management : Trends and Opportunities in Hotel Industry
      32 Umasankar Dash 2007 ` Effects of Organisational Culture on Motivation: A Study of Middle and Operative Level Managers of Two Units of a PSU
      33 Jadabananda Panda 2007 ` Customer Satisfaction: Introspection into Public and Private Sector Bank in Orissa
      34 Prafulla Ku. Das 2005 ` Launch of New Products in Pharmaceutical Industry in India – A Study on Selected Brands & Their Performance between1997-2001
      35 Bandana Nayak 2003 ` A Study on Effective Leadership among Managers and Supervisors in RSP
  2. Journal Publications :
    1. International Publications:
      1 Choudhury J, Mishra B. B. (2010) : Theoretical and Empirical investigation of Impact of Developmental HR Configuration on Human Capital Management, International Business Research, Toronto, Canada Vol 3(4), PP:181-186.
      2 Choudhury J (2010): Performance Impact of Intellectual Capital: A study of Indian IT sector, International Journal of Business Management, Toronto, Canada Vol 5(9), PP:72-79.
      3 Choudhury J, Nayak S. C.  & Yunus. H. J. N(2011) : An enquiry into impact of HR architecture on Human Capital pool, Business & Management Quarterly Review (BMQR), MARA, Malaysia, Vol 2 (1), PP:1-13.
      4 Choudhury J, Nayak S.C (2011): An empirical investigation of impact of Acquisition HR configuration on Human capital Development, Global journals of management and business review (GJBMR), USA, Vol 11(1), pp-27-31.
      5 Choudhury J, (2011) :  HR Configuration, Social Capital & Organisation Performance - Theoretical Synthesis & Empirical Analysis THE JOURNAL OF COMMERCE, University of Punjab, Pakistan, published, July-2011.
    2. National Publications:
    3. Review Articles(State Level Publications):
  3. Conference Publication(Presented/Published in proceedings):

  1. Edited Books :
  2. Text Books :
  3. Book Chapters :
  4. Research Books :
  1. Workshops:
  2. Seminars:
1 NRTS (1973-77)
2 National Scholarship (1977-81)
3 POSCO Asia Research Award (2007), Sponsored by AEC, Ahmadabad for FDPM (IIM-A, 1991)
4 Commonwealth Academic Fellow (Cardiff University, UK, 2013)
5 Sikhya Jyoti Sanman (2019) by Nirman Trust.
  1. Teaching:
  2. Important Activities:
  3. Research Projects Undertaken:
    1 Industrial Entrepreneurship in Orissa - UGC minor Research Project (2001)
    2 Leadership Effectiveness in RSP – UGC minor Research Project (2004)
    3 Status of Corporate Social Responsibility in Big Industrial Houses of Orissa – funded by CYSD Bhubaneswar (2005)
    4 Impact of POSCO India Project on Socio-Economic Development Orissa – funded by POSCO TJ Park Foundation Seoul, Korea (2007)
    5 Benchmark Survey for Implementation of IDDP-IX in Ganjam and Gajapati Districts of Orissa – funded by OMFED (2010)
    6 Benchmark Survey for Implementation of IDDP-XI in Cuttack and Dhenkanal Districts of Orissa – funded by OMFED (2011)
    7 Benchmark Survey for Implementation of IDDP-X in Baragarh, Sambalpur, Deogarh, Jharsuguda and Sonepur Districts of Orissa – funded by OMFED (2011)
    8 A Study on CSR Activities of IOCL (2014)
    9 Benchmark survey for Khurdha and Puri Districts of Odisha under NPDD sponsored by OMFED (2014)
  4. Invited Lectures:
  5. Administrative/Executive experience:
    1 Chairman, Board of Studies, Business Administration, Utkal University
    2 Chairman, SRC, Business Administration, Utkal University
    3 Dean, Faculty of Business Studies & Management, UU (2014-15).
    4 Head of the Dept. (2003 – 2005), (2007 – 2008) and (2013-2015)
    5 Chairman, BOS & SRC in Business Administration
    6 Director of CAM, Utkal University (2013-2015), (June, 2016 to till date)
    7 Course Coordinator, Integrated MBA Program (October, 2010 to August, 2012 and June, 2014 to till date)
    8 Associate Course Coordinator Exe MBA Program U.U. (2002 to 2007)
    9 Associate Coordinator Integrated MBA Program (1999-2002 & 2007 - 2010)
    10 Asst. Coordinator MBA Program IGNOU, BBSR Study Centre (1992-1997)
    11 Additional Superintendent Gents Hostel No.1, U.U. (2000 – 2003)
  6. Conference organized as Organizing Secretary: