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Department of Psychology

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 The Department of Psychology was established in 1953 at Ravenshaw College, Cuttack as an undergraduate Department by Prof. Radhanath Rath. It was upgraded to Post-Graduate Teaching and Research Department in 1958, and moved to Utkal University Campus at Vani Vihar, Bhubaneswar in 1962. In 1980, It was declared as a Centre of Advanced Study in Psychology (CASP) , the first such centre in Psychology in the country, and the only such centre in Odisha. Under the CAS programme, the Centre has blossomed and continued its efforts towards greater academic excellence and has tried to realize the proposed objectives approved by the successive Advisory Committees over the years. The department had the CAS status for long 29 years from 1980 to 2009.


To be among premier Centres of Advanced Study in Psychology through commitment and innovations in teaching, research, and community services.


To promote sensitivity, creativity and a spirit of scientific inquiry among students by stimulating deep insights into the discipline for fostering well-being at the individual level, and collective welfare in the society at large.


Objectives: The major objectives of the Department are as follows:

  1. Providing Quality Teaching
  2. Research (Theoretical/Applied/Interdisciplinary)
  3. Democratic governance (Department Teacher Council takes major decisions pertaining to the functioning of the department)
  4. Networking and collaboration (collaboration with foreign universities, Industry and NGOs)
  5. Extension activities (outreach programmes, SAMARTHYA , the disABILITY Centre, University Counselling Centre, Psycho-educational diagnostic centre, Mentoring, a Preschool that acts as a Demonstration and Research Centre for Early Education)
   Name : Namita Mohanty
Designation : Professor
Qualification : Ph.D.
Phone No. : +91-9861094212
E-mail ID :
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   Name : Mousumi Sethy
Designation : Lecturer
Qualification : M.Phil.
Phone No. : +91-9668629430
E-mail ID :
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   Name : Bhaswati Patnaik
Designation : Professor & HEAD
Qualification : PhD (Utkal University)
Phone No. : +91-9437039375
E-mail ID :
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   Name : Lucy Sonali Hembram
Designation : Lecturer
Qualification :
Phone No. : +91-8895727385
E-mail ID : M.Phil
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   Name : Manaswini Dash
Designation : Lecturer
Qualification :
Phone No. : +91-9583496079
E-mail ID : M.Phil., Ph.D.
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   Name : Sunanda Pattnaik
Designation : Lecturer
Qualification : M.phil in Psychology (Utkal University)
Phone No. : +91-9861705097
E-mail ID :
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   Name : Pratap K. Rath
Designation : Professor
Qualification : Ph.D
Phone No. : +91-9937346635
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  • Smart classrooms, 24/7 accessibility to Computer Labs
  • 24/7 accessibility to Seminar Library
  • Equipments: EEG, Bio-feedback machine and Relaxation Therapy Chair (all of the above are accessed by the students who benefit from the exposure),
  • Statistical (SPSS)and Learning Software(JAWS, for empowering the students with visual impairment )
  • Testing Library: Tests are issued to researchers who want to study the process of test administration, scoring and interpretation.
  • Disability friendly washrooms; Ramp;
  • Mentoring:The Department provides mentoring for students of different departments of this University and from outside focusing on the following:
    • Communication skills
    • Personality Development
    • Interpersonal skills
    • Career choice and facing job interviews
    • Realistic self-assessment
  • University and Child Counselling Centre
    There is a fully functional counselling center in the Department of Psychology. Counselling services are offered to the students of Psychology department and students of other departments of the university who face difficulties in making decisions and adjustments in day -to -day life situations. People from outside the university also visit the center for counselling. Individual as well as group counselling services are provided by the faculty members and other counsellors to alleviate the problems of the clients in a specially arranged counselling setting.

    Psycho-educational diagnoses as well as remediation programs are also recommended to the children with learning disabilities and other social and emotional problems. Students often avail the opportunity for Career and Relationship counselling. Besides face to face counselling, there is also provision for telephonic counselling. Students are also helped to develop insight and skills in solving problems and discovering the strengths in their personality.

  • Demonstration and Research Centre for Early Education (DARCEE)
    The center offers Pre-school education since 1980 to the young children in the age group of 3-4 years. Play way method as well as audio-visual techniques are used to help children acquire cognitive skills. Child centered activities are given foremost importance to facilitate learning. Moreover, utmost care is taken for the social, emotional, and intellectual development of the children. Development of integrated personality among the children is one of the major objectives of preschool education. The intake capacity of the school is limited to 60 students only. There are specially trained teachers and other care takers who help in developing learning readiness among the preschoolers in a fearless and non-punitive environment. DARCEE also serves as an action- research oriented experimental laboratory-cum-demonstration center in early childhood development and education for the M.A., M.Phil., and Ph.D. students.
  • "SAMARTHYA", the disABILITY Unit, was established in the year 2005 (under the HEPSN program of UGC) to provide Computer facilities to the students with complete/high visual impairment. Every computer is attached with a scanner to generate a scanned photo of the text. This photo is converted to text file through the Optical Character Reader (OCR). Then a TTS (Text-to Speech) software converts the sound file which can be saved on different media or can be listened to depending on the requirement. Internet access is provided through the JAWS software which is a screen reader and is geared to produce audio output describing the different movements of the keyboard/mouse cursor and the commands being executed. The Braille printer which allows compressed braille print enables saving of printed pages and enables the students with visual impairment to make copies of the text and reference books. This help is extended to students coming from other universities and colleges for maximum use of the facilities. The students are given lab keys so that they can come and work on a 24X7 basis. Disability friendly washrooms and ramp facility are available to ensure easy accessibility for the users.
  • Computer Labs: 02 (PG &M.Phil)
  • Testing Lab: 01 (Around one hundred psychometric tests are available for assessing different aspects of human abilities and personality, such as Wechsler's Tests, Raven's Tests, Stanford-Binet scale, Luria-Nebraska scale, PASS, I6PF, TAT, CPI, EPQ, Rorschach Inkblot Test, to name a few)
  • Psycho-Physical Lab: 01
  • DARCEE(Demonstration and Research Centre for Early Education): also serves as an action- research oriented experimental laboratory-cum-demonstration center in early childhood development and education for the M.A., M.Phil. and Ph.D. students.
  • University and Child Counselling Centre: MA and M.Phil. students (opting for Counselling as Specialisation) are helped to develop insight and skillsin counselling. Therefore, this centre also serves as a Lab for giving our students anexposure to Psycho-educational diagnoses as well as remediation programs recommended to the clients.

By Students

  • 15.10.2015:
    • Students participated in the State Level Quiz competition after a screening test at the department level and also presented papers organized by Ranjita Mishra Memorial Trust at CYSD, Bhubaneswar. Prizes were won by
      • JogamayaMantri : 1st prize in paper presentation
      • Jyotirmayee Pradhan :2nd prize in paper presentation
      • Sampad Mohapatra &YashwardhanJhingan : 2nd prize in  quiz competition
  • 18.10.2015: Students participated in the sensitization programme organized by CARD (Centre for Action Research and Development). They made posters on saving girl child and also staged a street paly to stop violence against women. Prizes won by - Krutika Bohidar
  • 13.11.2015: Students cleaned the premises of the department and planted saplings under Swachh Bharat Smart City Abhiyan.
  • 2015: Isha Naik won the first prize in the Inter - college (Utkal University)State - level Swimming competition.
  • Research project entitled Life and Learning of Children in Tribal School Hostels in Odisha, funded by "OXFAM" has been completed and submitted for evaluation.(P.I.: Prof Namita Mohanty)
  • Proposals submitted: 02 (to UGC and RUSA)
  • 8.8.2015 -   Seminar on "Current research trends in Organizational Behaviour". Talk delivered by Prof. Niharika Vohra, IIM, Ahmedabad.
  • 10.10.2015 - Observation of World Mental Health Day.
    Speakers on this occasion were (i) Prof. Ranjan Kumar Bal, Chairman, P.G.Council, Utkal University, (ii) Prof. Ajit Kumar Mohanty, Retired Professor of JNU and at present functioning as Professor Emeritus, Utkal University, and (iii) Prof. Pratap Kumar Rath, Department of Psychology, Utkal University.
  • 21.11.1015 - One-day workshop on Psychological Testing
    Students, research scholars and teachers from U.G.Colleges of Bhubaneswar participated in the workshop. Resource persons were, (i) Dr. Joshobanta Mohapatra, S.C.B.Medical College, Cuttack and (ii) Sri. Sambit Nanda, the Learning Clinic, Bhubaneswar. The administration, scoring and interpretation of Rorschach Ink Blot test (Personality Assessment) were explained by Dr. Mohapatra and Sri. Nanda explained the CAS (Cognitive Assessment System), a test to measure intelligence.
  • 18.1.2016 - Seminar on Mental health provisions and practices in U.K. and India. Dr.DebakantaBehera, Psychiatrist, at present holding the post of Associate Medical Director, Manchester, U.K. addressed our students on. In his comparative analysis, he referred to the mental health scenario in Odisha and recommended the possible changes that can be brought in the present operating system. Dr.Behera also highlighted on the role of Psychologists, Clinical Psychologists and Counsellors in strengthening as well as accelerating the mental health services in our country.
  • 20.01.2016: Mrs. KananTandi, Faculty, Goa Institute of Communication, addressed our students on the importance of body language in interpersonal interaction.
  • 18.03.16- Felicitation of Prof J.P.Das (University of Alberta, Canada) by the Department for his outstanding contribution in the field of Psychology.
  • 18.03.16 - Seminar Talk on "Exploring Intelligence and Consciousness" by Prof J.P.Das (University of Alberta, Canada)
  • 21-22 March 2016: Two-Day Orientation Program on Child Rights and Child Related Enactments for Psychology Professionals and CounselorsOrganized by Odisha State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (OSCPCR) in collaboration with Department of Psychology, Utkal University.

Our students got placed as Lecturers in Undergraduate colleges, as Psychologists in NRHM, School Counsellors in public schools during 2015-16. Many students are pursuing higher studies and research.

The department has always welcomed its former students who visit the department. While the need for the Alumni Association is well appreciated, the severe restriction of number of faculty members has delayed the process. The steps are afoot to have it in near future: The database of Alumni contacts is being updated.The Alumni have donated Books and Journals to the Dept. Library. Plans are underway for further Resource generation through strengthening of Alumni Relations.

Prof J.P.Das (Univ of Alberta, Canada), Mr. Pradeep Mohanty (IAS), Mr. Lalatendu Mohanty (IPS), MsSarita Mishra Kolhe  (IRS),Dr. ShwetaleenaBidyadhar (Tata Interactive Services), Julia Mohapatra(IRS) are some of the distinguished alumni of this Department.