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Department of Political Science

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Year of Establishment : 1958


A brief profile of the Department


The Post Graduate Department of Political Science was established in 1958 in the Ravenshaw College, Cuttack and was shifted to its present campus in 1962. At present the Department of Political Science offers M.A, M. Phil, Ph.D and D.Litt. programmes. In 1996, the Department of Public Administration was carved out of the Department of Political Science. In the Department, M.A. in Women Studies, P.G. Diploma in Chinese Studies and Development Journalism and Electronic Communication were instituted and subsequently Women Studies and Development Journalism and Electronic Communication, have become independent departments after due recognition by the U.G.C. The Department has regularly updated its syllabus to meet the challenges of changing times. In the year 2000 semester system and in 2013 Choice Based Credit System was introduced.

It is noteworthy to mention that the Department was inducted into the UGC- DRS (SAP -III) in the 2004-05 and successfully completed it in the year 2008-09. After a review of DRS-I, UGC approved the DRS-II from 2011-12 to 2015-16. This is the first and the only Political Science Department in the state to get inducted into UGC- DRS-II.

Dr. K.V Rao was the first head of the Department and was succeeded by Prof. Shreeram Chandra Das in 1963. The Department in particular owes a deep sense of gratitude to late lamented Prof. Shreeram Chandra Dash, a legendary figure and doyen in the field of Political Science. The Department has instituted the Shreeram Chandra Dash Memorial Foundation in the name which conducts the Annual Memorial lecture programme in his honour since 1995. Besides, late Dr. Manindra Kumar Mohapatra, Professor of Political Science and Director, Center for Governmental Services, Indiana State University, Terre Haute, United States of America has instituted two endowments i.e. Urmila Foundation for American Studies and Urmila Foundation for Orissa Policy Studies in the Department. Under this two seminars are conducted annually both at International and National level on different themes since 2000.



  • To develop the Department into a Centre for Excellence in Political Studies
  • To create and develop new frontiers of knowledge in the field of Political Science.




  • To develop collaborative research programmes with Government and other Research Institutions of International & National repute.
  • Exploring new areas of studies like New Social Movements, Green Politics, Gender Studies, Terrorism, Conflict Resolution, and Social Capital.
  • To open a Centre for Peace and Gandhian Studies.
  • To establish a Centre for South Asian Studies in collaboration with other Universities of the country.
  • To make Documentation and prepare a Data Base on the ‘Functioning of the PRIs’ covering all the districts of Odisha.
   Name : Swapna S Prabhu
Designation : Lecturer
Qualification : M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Phone No. : 8763105664
E-mail ID :
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   Name : Narottam Gaan
Designation : Professor
Qualification : M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D
Phone No. : +91-9937132207
E-mail ID :
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   Name : Brahmananda Satapathy
Designation : Professor
Qualification : M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D
Phone No. : +91-9861287679
E-mail ID :
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   Name : Anil Kumar Mohapatra
Designation : Lecturer
Qualification : M.A., LL.B., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Phone No. : +91-9437780563
E-mail ID :
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   Name : Smita Nayak
Designation : Reader & HEAD
Qualification : M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D
Phone No. : +91-9861083060/8908100707
E-mail ID :
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   Name : Seema Mallik
Designation : Lecturer
Qualification : M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D
Phone No. : +91-9437930006
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  M.A. -64 seats

 M.Phil-10 seats

 Ph. D- 10 seats




PAPER I                                             100 Marks





  • Social Research :  Historical overview and its various types
  • Scientific Method: Characteristics and Limitations
  • Hypothesis
  • Research Design
  • Data Collection : Methods and Techniques
  • Questionnaire, Observation and Interview
  • Survey Method


PAPER II                                          100 Marks




  • Sampling
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Models of Measurement, Nominal , Ordinal and Interval
  • Summarizing Properties , Frequency and Percentage Distribution
  • Statistical Techniques: Measures of Central Tendency, Dispersion


PAPER III                                         100 Marks


Major Issues in Political Science



  • Neo-liberalism, Communitarianism
  • Redefining conventional understanding of Security: Environmental Security and Human Security, Wed Activism and feminism in International Relations
  • Globalization and the theories of State and Civil Society.
  • Electoral Reforms, Judicial Review and Judicial Accountability, Coalition Politics
  • Social Movements and New Social Movements, Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Decentralized Governance: Major Issues and Challenges








IInd SEMESTER                                                 100 Marks


Paper IV Book Review (Two)

Paper V: Two Term Papers related to the broad topic of dissertation

Paper VI: Dissertation and Viva

Dissertation-75 marks

Viva-25 marks


P.G. Department of Political Science

Ph.D. Syllabus

(As per Approved Guidelines of Academic Council 2011)

Paper- I Research Methodology

Unit - I:  Research Fundamentals

Research: Meaning, objectives and features, Types of Research Studies, Scientific and Non-Scientific Research Methods

Unit – II:  Research Problem: Hypothesis - Nature, Types, Role and Validity, Development of Research Plan.

Unit – III: Research Design: Meaning and Types

Sampling: Meaning and Types

Unit IV: Data Collection: Primary and Secondary, Methods and Techniques, Survey Method, Questionnaire and Schedules, Case Study Method.

Unit V:  Research Report Writing: Styles of Report Writing – Chicago and MLA Style

(Note:   Examination shall be Unit wise covering 20 marks each, of which qualifying mark is 10. If a candidate fails to get 10 in each Unit S/he can repeat the same twice during course work period.)

Paper – II Research Techniques and Computer Aided Analysis                                Marks - 100

Unit –I: Measurement and Scales: Types of Scales, Frequency Distribution, Measurement of Central Tendency, Dispersion

Unit- II: Statistical Analysis and Data Interpretations, Testing of Hypothesis, t- test, Z test, Chi-Square Test, Probability and Normal Distribution.

Unit-III: Co-relation and Regression analysis ANOVA.

Unit IV: Factor Analysis: Coefficient of determination.

Unit V: Computer Aided Data Analysis – M S Excel / SPSS

(Note:   Examination shall be Unit wise covering 20 marks each, of which qualifying mark is 10. If a candidate fails to get 10 in each Unit S/he can repeat the same twice during course work period.)

Paper –III - Review of Literature                                                                           Marks - 100

Unit-I:  Preparation of Review of Literature on the Project –                                   50 Marks

(Qualifying mark is 25)

Unit- II:  Presentation of Review of Literature before SRC or DTC   -                   50 marks

(Qualifying mark is 25)

Paper - IV – Seminar Presentation

Unit – I:  One Seminar Presentation on the aspect of the Project   ---                             50 marks

Unit – II:  One Seminar Presentation on the aspect of the Project   ---                            50 marks

(Qualifying mark is 25 in each part)


  • The Department of Political Science has been inducted by UGC as DRS-II SAP-III
  • The Department is well equipped for teaching & research with two Smart class rooms.
  • It has Mini Conference Hall with ICT facilities & TV
  • It has Seminar Library with about 15,000 References & Text books, important Journals and periodicals are being subscribed regularly.
  • It has a reading library where sitting arrangement for the students have been made.
  • It has two smart classes with A/C & Public Address System.
  • It has 2 nos. of Xerox machines, Air Conditioned faculty rooms, Computers with internet connection for faculty and office, land phone connectivity (0674-2588430), Intercom facility.
  • The Department has an Air Conditioned lounge for reception.
  • The Department has also a U.G.C. DRS Library for teachers' reference, The Department organizes Study Tour for P.G. 4th Semester students and M.Phil students outside Odisha & within Odisha every year. Faculty members accompany the students.


  1. Nehru: The Maker of Modern India, Kalinga Publication, 1989
  2. Biswanath Das: A Tribute, Local Publisher, 1990
  3. Gandhi Remembered, Local Publisher, 1991
  4. Nehru and His Foreign Policy, Anu Books, 1993
  5. Socialist Vision of Congress, Local Publisher, 1993
  6. Reflections on Society, Polity and Economy in India, S.S. Printers, 1995
  7. Political Economy of India, Ashis Publications, 1997
  8. Eternal Gandhi, Ashis Publications, 1998
  9. Constitution and Constitutionalism in India, Ashis Publications, 1998
  10. Aspects of Local Governance in Orissa’, ISBN-97-81-89777-46-3, Published by P.G. Dept of Political Science, Utkal University, Odisha.