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Dr. Aseem Mishra

Aseem Mishra Name : Aseem Mishra
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : Ph.D
Phone No. : +91-8763459700
E-mail ID : prof(dot)aseemmishra(at)gmail(dot)com

  • Self-assembling systems
  • Peptide design
  • Single molecule spectroscopy
  • Bioinspired nanotechnology
  • Smart delivery systems

  • Bioinstrumentation
  • Biophysical chemistry
7 Probing the role of aromaticity in the design of dipeptide based nanostructures.A. Mishra, V.S. Chauhan, Nanoscale, 2011, 3, 945-949.
1 Self-assembly of a Dipeptide Containing Conformationally Restricted Dehydro-phenylalanine Residue to Form Ordered Nanotubes, M.Gupta, A.Bagaria, A.Mishra, P.Mathur, A.Basu, S. Ramakumar, V.S.Chauhan, Advanced Materials, 2007, 19(6), 858.
2 Nanovesicles Based on Self-Assembly of Conformationally Constrained Aromatic Residue Containing Amphiphilic Dipeptides. A. Mishra, J. J. Panda, A. Basu, V. S. Chauhan, Langmuir, 2008, 24(9), 4571.
3 Design, synthesis and characterization of dehydrophenylalanine containing peptide as anti-fibrillization agents for possible use against Alzheimer‚??s disease. G. Madhvi, Rudresh, A. Mishra, S. Ramakumar, A. Faizan and V. S. Chauhan, Chembiochem, 2008, 9(9), 1375.
4 Stimuli Responsive self-assembled hydrogel of a low molecular weight free dipeptide with potential for tunable drug delivery, J.J.Panda#, A.Mishra#, A.Basu, V.S.Chauhan, Biomacromolecules, 2008, 9(8), 2244.
5 Characterization of fluoroalcohols-induced intermediates of Mucormiehei lipase at low pH. S. Fatima, A. Mishra, P.Sen, R.H.Khan, Protein PeptLett, 2008, 15(4), 346.
6 3D cell growth and proliferation on a RGD functionalized nanofibrillar hydrogel based on a conformationally restricted residue containing dipeptide.J.J.Panda, R. Dua, A. Mishra, B. Mittra, V.S. Chauhan VS. ACS Appl Mater Interfaces. 2010, 2(10):2839-48. Name : Dr. ASEEM MISHRA Designation : UGC-ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Qualification : PhD Phone No. : +91-8763459700 E-mail ID :
8 Conformationally restricted short peptides inhibit human islet amyloid polypeptide (hIAPP) fibrillization. Aseem Mishra,Anurag Misra,T. Vaishnavi Moorthy,Chaitanya Thota,Madhvi Gupta,Suryanarayanrao Ramakumar, Virander Singh Chauhan. Chem. Commun.2013,49, 2688-2690
9 Membrane destabilization by dynamic carpet of monomeric hIAPP observed at single molecule level by Imaging Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy. Nirmalya Bag, Ashraf Ali, Virander Singh Chauhan, ThortsenWohland*, Aseem Mishra* Chem. Commun., 2013, 49 (80), 9155 ‚?" 9157.
10 Baysian total internal reflection fluorescence correlation spectroscopy reveals hIAPP induced plasma membrane domain organization. Syuan-Ming Guo, Nirmalya Bag, Aseem Mishra, Thorsten Wohland, Marc Bathe, Biophysical Journal, 2014, 106(1), 190 ‚?" 200.

2 Ranbaxy Science Scholar award (2008).
1 Welcome Trust-DBT Alliance Early Career Fellow-2010 funding for post-doctoral research.
3 Team leader of the wining team of the Indo-UK Young Entrepreneur Scheme (YES) conducted by DBT-India and BBSRC-UK (2008). Also awarded with the Best Individual Presentation Award in the finals.
4 Dr. C. R. K. Krishnamurthy Memorial Young Scientist award-2008 from CDRI, Lucknow.
5 Tata Trust-SAI Social Innovation Grant (IIT, Delhi) 2016.

  • Teaching: 3 months
  • Research: 6 years
  • Important Activities
    • UGC Asst. Professor in P.G. Department of Biotechnology since December-2015
    • Principal Investigator in Welcome-DBT India Alliance Early Career Grant (2010-2015).
    • In-house design and construction of Fluorescence Correlation Spectrometer (FCS) and Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) for characterization of biomolecular interactions and nanoparticle size.
    • Lead the Nanotechnology Division at Saveer Biotech Ltd. with primary role of team management, technology development and establishment of Good Manufacturing practices for production of commercially important nanopowders.
    • Involved in design strategies for bio-assisted rare-earth metal extraction.
  • Conference/ FDP/workshop organized, as Convener/Co-convener/Treasurer/Coordinator
    • Organizing Committee of international workshop on “Structural and Computational Biology in Biomedical Research” held at ICGEB, New Delhi from 5th to 15th October 2009.
    • Organizing Committee of Workshop on “Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy” (2011) at ICGEB, JNU and IITD.