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Dr. (M/S) Swarnamayee Tripathy

Swarnamayee Tripathy Name : Swarnamayee Tripathy
Designation : Professor
Qualification : Ph.d
Phone No. : +91-9438013946
E-mail ID : smtripathy2010(at)gmail(dot)com

  • Gender Studies
  • Local Governance
  • Indian Administration and politics
  • Political Sociology
  • Development Studies

  • Administrative Theory and Thought
  • Indian Administration
  • Development Administration
  • Welfare Administration
  • Local Governance
  • Ph. D Guidance
    • Umesh Chandra Debata. Title: Political Participation of Mine workers in Odisha
    • Lina Rani Pradhan. Title: socio-Economic Empowerment of women through Self Help Groups
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1 Book Authored: S.Tripathy, Political Participation of women workers in India, Vikas Publication, New Delhi, 2000.
2 Book Chapters S.Tripathy & Sushila Kaushik, Bharatme Jana Andolan, Kishan Andolan tatha Ttrade Union Andolan, in the book ‘Bharatiya Rajniti & Shasan’ edited by Dr. Susheela Kaushik, Puja publications, New Delhi, 1984, pp578-601, the book has been prescribed as a text book for under graduate classes.
3 Book Chapters S.Tripathy Women and their Work Environment, in the book ‘Women in India, A search for Identity’, Anmol publication, New Delhi, 1999, pp129-148.
4 Book Chapters S.Tripathy Gandhian Economics: A Study, published in the book ‘Reflections on Gandhi-The Forgotten Mahatma’ (ed. By Susmit Pani and Niranjan Pani, Zenith Books International, Delhi, pp16-30), 2008.
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8 Book Chapters S.Tripathy. ‘Gender Dimensions of Development Induced displacement: An Analysis of Public Policy in India’, 2015, in Mamata Swain et al(ed.)‘Gender Dimensions of Displacement and Resettlement’ ISBN978-93-8357-543-5, SSDN Publishers, New Delhi (2015).

1 Executive Diretor, Instiyute of Public Studies and Research, Bhubaneswar since 2008.
2 Joint Secretary, IIPA, Odisha Chapter(2009-11).
3 Associate Director, Development Research Institute, Bhubaneswar.
4 Member, Executive Committee, Gabesana Chakra, Bhubaneswar.
5 Member, Human Rights centre, IIPA, Odisha Chapter(2012-14)
6 Patron, Vivekananda Kendra, Pratisthan, Kanya Kumari.
7 Member, Subject Research Committee for Political Science, Utkal University.
8 Member, SRC, Public administration, utkal University.
9 Member, SRC, Pol.Sc., Utkal University.
10 Member, SRC, Journalism, Utkal University.
11 Member Board Of Studies, Pol.Sc., Utkal University.
12 Member, Board Of Studies, Pub.Adm. Utkal University.

  • Teaching
    • Initially I was a lecturer in Bhagat Singh College, New Delhi in 1983, Then I taught Political Science in the Colleges of Odisha till 2010, In 2010 I joined the Dept. of Public Administration, Utkal University
  • Research Studies completed
    • An Exploratory Study of Female Migration in Odisha and preparation of a booklet for female migrants, sponsored by National Alliance for Women, Odisha Chapter.
    • Women in Power and decision-making in Odisha, sponsored by National Alliance for Women, Odisha Chapter
    • Migrants and perspective migrants in preventing trafficking into domestic and Garment Sectors in India, Nepal,&Bangladesh, Sponsored by Global Alliance against Trafficking on Women, International Secretariat, Bangkok.
    • Impact assessment of the capacity building programme of the elected women representatives at the panchayat level in Odisha, sponsored by NAWO, Odisha Chapter.
  • Contribution to administration
    • Head, Dept. of Public Administration, Utkal University.
    • Coordinator, School of Women’s Studies, Utkal University.
    • Deputy Coordinator, Development Journalism and Electronic communication, Utkal University.
    • Superitendent, Kuntala Kumari chhatri niwas, Utkal University.
  • Membership of Organisations
    • Life member of Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi
    • Life Member of Indian Political Science Association
    • Life Member of Odisha Political Science Association
    • Life Member of Gabesana Chakra
    • Life Member of Institute of Public Policy Studies and Research
    • Life Member of National Alliance for Women
  • Extension activities
    • Patron, Vivekananda Kendra Pratisthan
    • Life member, National Alliance for Women, I participate in the activities of the organization whenever I get time.