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Dr. Niranjan Pani

Niranjan Pani Name : Niranjan Pani
Designation : Professor
Qualification : M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D, D.Ltt
Phone No. : +91-9437081346
E-mail ID : paniniranjan(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)in, paniniranjan(at)gmail(dot)com

  • Administrative Theory
  • OB
  • HRM

  • M.A - Administrative Theory/OB/HRM
  • M. Phil - Administrative Theory/HRM
  • Ph.D - Research Methods
  • Ph.D
    • Awarded: 16
    • Submitted in 2015: 03
    • Researches in Progress: 05
  • M Phil
    • Awarded: 20
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National Conference: Director, Academic Staff College Conference, Chandigarh, 2013.
National Conference: National Seminar on Good Governance and Sustainable Development, Pondicherry, 18-19 April, 2013.
National Conference: National Seminar on Tribal Development in India : Issues and Challenges, 30-31, March,2004.
National Conference: Conference of All Orissa Political Science Association, 23-24, Jan,2003 ‚?? Presented a paper on South Asian Union : An administrative Road map for development.
National Conference: National Human Rights Seminar on Right to Information : Strengthening Governance, Development and democracy, 15-Sep,2003.
National Conference: National HRD Network Seminar on Leveraging Competencies for Competitive Advantage, 20 Dec, 2003.
National Conference: National Seminar on Local Self Government, 8-9, December, 2003 (Paper Presented).
International Conference: Paper accepted for Presentation at IPSA World Congress, Montreal July 19-24, 2014.( Paper ‚??Times to Think Towards A World Parliament: Search For New Order.
International Conference: Paper accepted for Presentation at RC 31 International Conference of IPSA at Sydney, Australia, 13-17 July 2011. (Paper on Women reservations in Indian Legislatures).
International Conference: Employment Relations in Future and Future of Employment Relations, 7-8, February, 2004 (Paper Presented).
International Conference: INTRNATIOANL PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION CONFERENCE ASPA 2007 CONFERENCE: MONUMENTAL POSSIBILITIES CAPITALIZING COLLABORATION, March 23-27 .2007 TRACK local Government : Regional Governance Issues Presented Paper on: Inter Governmental Relations Capitalizing collaboration: Indian Experience.

1 Essays on Contemporary Gender Issues ,2011, (Ed) Hirmoli Press ,New Delhi Edited.
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8 Secrets of Leadership Lord Krishna- The Leader in Mohabharata. SSDN, New Dlhi, 2015.

Workshop on Skill Building for Academic Project Management in Social Sciences , at PG department of Utkal University, 22-23.11.2015.
Workshop on ‘Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy ‘ at JNU, New Delhi, Feb. 26-28 ,2009.
Workshop on Commerce and Management, DDCE, 24 Feb.-1 March 2007
Authors Workshop for Humanities and Social science For Distance Learning in DDCE.,10-15 February 2007. (Acted As Deputy Director of Workshop).

1 Gold Medal for Rank ‚?? ONE in Public Administration, 1992.

  • Academic Profile
    • Professor from 31/12/2007 - continuing
    • Reader From 31/12/99 to 30/12 2007
    • Senior Lecturer From 24/11/1993 - 1999
    • Lecturer From 1987 - 1993
    • PG Dept of Political Science
      • (Ad hoc)13/1/87 to 30/4/87, 18/9/87 to 18/9/88
      • (Regular) 24/11/88 to 24/11/93
      • UGC Research Fellow: 1982 – 1987
  • Administrative Assignments
    • Director, Academic Staff College
      • 01/10/2013 - continuing
    • Head, Dept of Public Administration
      • 01/06/2011- 31/5/2013
      • 27/12/2003-31/05/2004
      • 01/06/2002- 27/1/2003
    • Coordinator DJEC
  • Additional Professional/Academic activities
    • Secretary, IDEA International Conference, 2005
    • Prepared and Edited Lessons for PG Level courses in Management Studies, Public Administration, and Political Science for Distance Learners of DDCE, Utkal University Students.
    • Prepared UG Course Material For Directorate of Distance Education, Sambalpur University.
    • Prepared Study Material for UGC e-Pathasala.
    • Chairman, Board of Studies in Public Administration and Development Journalism and Electronic Communication(DJEC)
    • Chairman, Subject Research Committee in Public Administration and DJEC
    • Member of Senate
    • Member of Academic Council
    • Former Member of P.G .Council.
    • Former Co-Editor Search-, A Journal of Arts, Humanities and Management,
    • Editor of Public Administration Review
  • Professional Memberships
    • Former Member of American Society of Public Administration (ASPA) and IIPA Conference Secretary of International Annual Conference of Indian Distance Education Association, 24-26, November, 2007.(IDEA 07.)
  • Community Activities
    • Acted as NSS Programme Officer for PG Unit during 1988-1990.
  • Professional Objectives
    • Academic Objective: Teaching, Publication and Research
  • Interest
    • Sunrise Areas of Public Administration and Management, OB, Management Human Resource Management, Administrative Theory, Indian Administration and Information Communication technology, Public Safety and Disaster Management, Ethics Governance, Public Trust & Non Profit Organisations.
  • Visiting Faculty
    • Visiting Faculty for Directorate of Distance and Continuing Education for Management Studies.
  • Journals Edited
    • Editor, Departmental Journal : Public Administration Review, 2001, 2002.2003, 2011, 2012, 2013, 1014
    • Former, Co- Editor Search, A Journal of Arts, Humanities and Management, DDCE, Utkal University.
  • Current Academic Research
    • Research, Guidance and Publication of Research Papers/Books.
    • Evaluated about 30 Ph D Thesis from Osmania University ,Kakatiya University ,University of Lucknow , Andhra University and Punjabi University.
  • Training Courses Attended
    • Two UGC Sponsored Refresher Courses in 2000 & 2001.