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Dr. Pallabi Mishra

Pallabi Mishra Name : Pallabi Mishra
Designation : Lecturer
Qualification : M.Sc, MBA, PGJMC, Ph.D
Phone No. : 9437133190
E-mail ID : pallabi(dot)iitkgp(at)gmail(dot)com

  • Retail consumer psychology
  • Brand Management
  • Gender marketing

  • MM
  • PBM
  • SDM
  • SM
  • OB
  • One Ph.D continuing.

    Journal Publications: 17 (National and International)

  • “Can money buy convenience: A study on income as a motivator of online shopping?” Management and Marketing, 14, No.1, pp-41-56. 2016. ISSN:1841-2416
  • “Hedonic vs Utilitarian effect of retail store image on purchase intention”, Srusti Management Review. Special issue. pp-8-15. 2016. ISSN: 0974-4274
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  • The click of money-A study on virtual shopping”, South Asian Journal of Marketing & Management Research (SAJMMR). Vol.5, No.12, pp-54-68. 2015. ISSN: 2249-877X, (SJIF) = 4.748.
  • “Khadi- sustaining the change in generation gap”, Asian journal of marketing, Vol.8, No.2, pp-86-97. 2014. ISSN:1819-1924
  • “Persuading effect of store aesthetics on shopper’s purchase intention-The gender difference”, Indian journal of marketing (IC value: 6.47, NAAS rating: 3.89), Vol. 44.Issue 9, pp.43-53. 2014. ISSN: 0973-8703
  • “Rejuvenation of biofertiliser for sustainable agriculture economic development (SAED)”, Consilience The journal of sustainable development, 11.Issue 1, pp.41-61. 2014. ISSN: 1948-3074
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    • “Can money buy convenience: A study on income as a motivator of online shopping?” National Conference on Business Strategies for Emerging India, School of Management Studies, NIT Rourkela, October 9-10.2015.
    • “Mapping the growth in density, penetration and awareness of nonlife insurance in India- A study over pre and post reforms period, National Seminar on Financial inclusion and Accessible Insurance Service for All, P.G Department of Business Administration, Kalam Institute of Technology. April 11-12.2015.
    • “Sustainable Strategies for Agricultural Development: The case of Odisha ”, National Seminar on Climate Change Impact & Sustainable Management Strategies ,Centre for Climate Change studies. March 14-16 2015.
    • “Novelty and Challenges of Modern retail in rural India” National Conference on Novelty and Challenges in Management ,Ravenshaw Business School, Ravenshaw University.March 14.2015.
    • “Modern retail emergence in rural India-The progressive way” National seminar on India’s approach to rural development in 21st century, Ravenshaw University. Oct 18-19.2014.
    • “Easy strategies in difficult times” National Management seminar on Marketing in difficult times – focus on rural marketing, IPSAR. Sept 28.2013.
    • “Impact of celebrity endorsement on pulse polio programe  in the rural and urban areas of   Odisha”, International conference on Marketing Challenges, BHU, Varanasi. Dec 4-5.2012.
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    • “Branding the organic way: The Indian purview” 4th International Management seminar on international market at crossroads- strategic dimensions and directions, DRIEMS Business school. April 24-25.2009.
    • “DSS (Decision Support System) in Indian organized retail sector- A study on organised retail outlets in Cuttack”, National Seminar on “Global Business Initiatives & Innovations: Opportunities & Challenges for India Inc. GIM, Bhubaneswar. Jan 23-24.2009.
    • ”Branding organic agriculture: A challenge for market and have opportunities in India” 12th Annual conference, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, Dec 19-21.2008.
    • “The organized retail boom: A boon or curse for India” National Seminar on Structural changes in Market Dynamics, RCEM, Bhubaneswar. May 3-4.2008.
    • “Green Marketing: Is it a social responsibility” National Management Seminar on Corporates that care: truth or myth, DRIEMS Business school. April 30.2006.

    • “Service quality of nationalized banks: A SERVQUAL approach”, Issues and Challenges in Business Management, Himalaya Publishing House. ISBN 978-81-923066-8-1.2016
    • “Adoption and Depreciation of Non-life insurance in India- A study over Pre and post reform period”, edited book Insurance sector in India, Way forward Kunal Books New Delhi ISBN 978-81-932322-1-7 pp-267-291.2016
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    • “Product and brand management”, SM publications.2008.

    • Coordinator of National conference on Skill Development- Managerial Implications, School of
    • Management Studies, Ravenshaw University on 8th and 9th of April, 2016.
    • yCoordinator of National conference on Novelty and Challenges in Management, Ravenshaw Business
    • School, Ravenshaw University on 14th March, 2015 .
    • yCoordinator of Faculty Development Programme on Multivariate Data Analysis using Statistical software
    • package by ABIT and SPSS South Asia Pvt. Ltd on 6th Oct., 2012.
    • y Faculty Induction Programme  by NITTTR­­­ from 21st -26th March, 2011.
    • y Faculty Development Programme on Entrepreneurship Development by Institute of Entrepreneurship
    • Development, Odisha from 30th March to 15th April, 2010.
    • yWorkshop on Brand management conducted by Infosys and IIT Kharagpur
    • yParticipated in All India Accounting Conference and International Seminar, P.G Department of Commerce, Utkal University in collaboration with ICWAI, Kolkata, Dec 18-19, 2004.

    • University Topper in MBA
    • Best paper award

    • 15 Years Teaching and Industry
    • 10 Years Research