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Dr. Prabodha Kumar Hota

Prabodha Kumar Hota Name : Prabodha Kumar Hota
Designation : Asso.Prof.Commerce
Qualification : M.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Phone No. : 9861243258
E-mail ID : prabodhahota(at)gmail(dot)com

  1. Statistical Application in Business
  2. Entrepreneurship
  3. Personal Investment

  1. Statistics for Management
  2. Investment Analysis and Equity Research
  3. Small Business Management and Project Appraisal
  4. Management of Financial Institutions
  1. Four Ph. Ds are awarded in the last five years and one submitted.
  2. Six M. Phil dissertations are guided in last five years with a total of fifteen dissertations.
  3. Every year twelve students are guided on M.Com Final Project, MBA(FM) SIP and MBA(FM) Final Project

A total of forty publications in national level journals. Publications in the last five years are as below;

  1. Hota,P.K., An Empirical Analysis of Technical Efficiency of Indian Commercial Banks, The Odisha Journal of Commerce,2010
  2. Hota,P.K. and Mishra, S., A Study on The Impact of Income Tax Rebates on the Composition of Savings in India With Special Reference to Insurance Sector-A Case Study of Bhubaneswar City, The Odisha Journal of Commerce,2011-12
  3. Hota,P.K., Insider Tradings Regulation in India: the Role of SEBI, Finquest ,2010
  4. Hota,P.K. and Mishra, S., Product reengineering and customer satisfaction: A comparative analysis of Public and private life insurance companies, The Odisha Journal of Commerce, 2010
  5. Hota, P.K. and Das, S.K, Impact of Bank Finance on the Promotion of Agri-Entrepreneur in Odisha- An Empirical Study, The Utkal Business Review,2010
  6. Hota, P.K. and Panda, M.R, Performance Appraisal of Indian Banking Sector in Post Liberalisation Period, The Utkal Business Review,2014
  7. Hota,P.K., Profitability and Total Revenue as Macro Economic Indicators- A Study on Indian Banking Sector, The Utkal Business Review,2014
  8. Hota, P.K. and Panda, M.R, An Empirical Analysis of Price Competitiveness on Indian Banking Sector in Post Liberalisation Era, International Journal of Business Management ,2014

Co-author of

  1. Accounting and Auditing (Part-1), Odisha Text Book Bureau, Bhubaneswar
  2. Accounting and Auditing (Part-2), Odisha Text Book Bureau, Bhubaneswar

Paper presented and participated in forty five national and international seminars.

  1. National Seminar on “Manufacturing Sectors of India: Issues and Challenges” Organised on 25-26, March,2015
  2. Nirayat Bandhu & Export Oriented Workshop , jointly organised with O/o Jt. Director General of Foreign Trade,Culture ( Ministry of Commerce & Industry) on 26th March,2015.
  3. UGC Sponsored National Seminar on “ Effective Regulation & Governance for Economic Sustainability” on 9-10, March,2014
  4. Celebrated Entrepreneurship Week with a special interaction program with Entrepreneurs of the State
  5. Organised 67th All India Commerce Conference in collaboration with KIIT University , Bhubaneswar, on 26-28, December,2014
  6. Celebrated the Prof. S.K.Das Memorial Lecturer Series in Commerce & Commerce Alumini Day on 24th, Nov,2013
  7. Celebrated the Prof. S.K.Das Memorial Lecturer Series in Commerce & Commerce Alumini Day on 24th, Nov,2014


Resource Person in Seminars:

  • Keynote Speaker at International Seminar on “Contemporary Issues and Challenges in Management” held at Kathmandu, Nepal on Nov. 17-18, 2014
  • Co-chairman of a Technical Session at 68th All India Commerce conference at Jharkhand”.
  • Keynote Speaker at the UGC Sponsored National seminar on Sustainability of Environment and management at K.L.R college,Howrah,West Bengal on 9-10 July 2016.
  • Keynote Speaker at national Seminar on “Emerging Trends, Challenges and Issues in Insurance Sector” held at Ravenshaw University Cuttack.
  • Keynote Speaker at the 5th All India Conference on Business and Social Sector On 29-30 Jan, 2016 at J.B College of K.WH University, Raniganj,West Bengal.
  • Chairperson of a technical session of International Seminar on “Skill India-2015” organised by IIPM, Kansbahal at Bhubaneswar.
  • Participated in TV talk shows and Radio Talks.

Board of Studies Member

  1. BOS member in Faculties of Commerce, U.N. College of Sc & Tech, Adaspur (Continuing)
  2. BOS member in Faculties of Commerce, Nimapara College, Nimapara (Continuing)
  3. BOS member in Dept. of Bus. Adm, Utkal University (2013-15)
  4. BOS member in Agri Business, Dept. of Bus. Adm, Utkal University(2013-15)
  5. BOS member in MFC, Utkal University(2013-15)
  6. BOS member in TTM, Utkal University(2013-15)
  7. BOS member in PMIR, Utkal University(2013-15)

  • A study on Financing Pattern of Private Corporate Sector in Orissa A minor research project.