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Dr. (M/S) Anasuya Nath

Anasuya Nath Name : Anasuya Nath
Designation : Lecturer
Qualification : MSc, MPhil, Ph.D.
Phone No. : +91-9437094125
E-mail ID : anasuya_nath(at)yahoo(dot)com
2 Anasuya Nath,"Degree of Approximation of Conjugate series by (R2(—"))means" in a generalised Holder metric" , The Journal of Orissa Mathematical Society,vol. 16, No. 1, (1997).
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1 SwaraSudhamani(2001)
2 Tilottama Chitralipi Award (2002)
3 Best Singer Award (Devotional)(2002)
4 AB Visual award(2002)
5 Bhajana Samrat Bhikari Bala Award (2003)
6 Mahima Sangeet Samman(2003)
7 Omkar Samman (2004)
8 Best Jodi No one(2004)
10 (State Bank of India) Prativha Samman (2005)
11 Rok Thok Prativha Samman (2005)
12 Prativha Samman and Swagatam (2005)
13 Rajyastariya Prativha Samman (2007)
14 Felicitation by Sainik School (2012)
15 Felicitation by Kakatpur Mangala Mandir (2014)
16 Prativa Samman in 35th Herapanchami Bhajan Samaroha(Saradhabali saskrutik Parisada, Puri)(2015)
17 Prativa Samman by Ranihat Jagannath Mandira, Cuttack (2015)
9 Young Scientist Award at CONIAPS-VII (2004)


Time period


PG Department of Mathematics
Utkal University, Vani vihar

22-07-2010 to till date

Advanced Algebra, Differential Equations, Advanced Analysis (Complex), Programming Language, C and C++,DiscreteMathematics,Numerical Optimization.

Department of Mathematics
Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology (VSSUT), Burla

29 June 2006 to 21 July 2010

BTech Courses: Mathematics-I, Mathematics-II, Mathematics-III, Mathematics-IV,
MCA Courses: Discrete Mathematics, Quantitative Techniques.

Government College Dhenkanal (OES)

2nd August 2005 to 28th June 2006

Set Theory, Logic, Calculus, Trigonometry, Complex Analysis, Co-ordinate geometry, Computer Science  (Basic,Frotran )

 IITKharagpur (Research associate)

17 March 2003 to 9th June 2004

M. Sc. Discrete Mathematics.
BTech Courses:  Tutorial Classes taken for Calculus, ODE, PDE, Complex Analysis, Numerical Analysis, Linear Algebra.

Government College, Angul(OES)

6th July 1999 to 2nd August 2005

 +2Sc. Courses: Set Theory, Logic, Calculus, Trigonometry, Complex Analysis, Co-ordinate geometry, Computer Science  (Basic,Frotran ).
+3 Sc Hons and Pass: Real Analysis, Computer Sc, Algebra,Linear Algebra)

KIITS, Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

March  1997 to March 1998

BTech CoursesandDiploma Courses.

Narashingpur College, Narashingpur, Cuttack

August 1996 to Feb 1997

+2Sc. Courses: Set Theory, Logic, Calculus, Trigonometry, Complex Analysis, Co-ordinate geometry, Computer Science  (Basic,Frotran ).

  • Projects Guided (M.Phil)
    • SantoshiNayak:- 2010-2011:- Finite element method for some boundary value problems in partial differential equations.
    • Madhusmita Dash:- 2010-2011:- Some rules for the numerical application of integrals of analytic functions of complex variable.
    • Ashok Kumar Sahoo:- 2011-2012:- Finite difference analysis of some boundary problem of fluid dyanamics.
    • In 2011-2012 another two persons enrolled but not submitted.
    • Bijaya Mishra:- 2012-2013:- Some rules for the numerical approaximation of integrals of complex variable.
    • Pooja Mohapatra :- 2012-2013:- A Study of certain classes of multivalent function involving fractional derivatives.
    • SobhaginiMohapatra:- 2012-2013:- Growth estimates of maximum modulus of polynomials.
    • SarmilaBehera:- 2013-2014:- Polynomial interpolation.
    • Arun Kumar Sethy:- 2013-2014:- Study of some mixed quadratic rules for approaximation of integrals.
    • MadhuchhandaSahu:- 2013-2014:- Approaximation by algebraic polynomials.
    • AkshaykumarParida:- 2013-2014:- RiccatitransformationOscillation  criterion for non linear third order differential equations.
    • Asish Sharma:- 2013-2014:- Ramanujan-Fourier Transformation  and application.
    • PuspalataParida:- 2013-2014:- Approaximation theory.
    • Bhaktimayee Panda:- 2014-2015:- An Imperical study on Operations Research.
    • Jashoswini:- 2014-2015:- An Introduction to Polynomial Interpolation and it’s Several Techniques.
  • Important Activities
    • Singer in All India Radio
    • Singer inTelevision
    • Singer inFilm
    • Singer inCassatte