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Dr.(M/S). S.Murmu

S.Murmu Name : S.Murmu
Designation : Lecturer
Qualification : M.A. (PM &IR), Ph. D. UGC-NET (JRF)
Phone No. : 9437405909
E-mail ID : sumitra2000(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)in

  • Comparative International Employment Relation
  • Industrial Relations
  • Labour Laws
  • Human Resource Development

  • Labour laws
  • Industrial Relations
  • General Management
  • Total Quality Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Labour Administration.
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  2. S . Murmu and B.B. Mohanty. 2010. Article- “Socio-economic empowerment of women workers in the unorganized sector: A study in the building construction The Orissa Journal of Commerce- Bhubaneswar. Volume- XXI, July 2010, No-1. Pp. 118-129. ISSN- 0974-8482
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  5. >
  6. Panda and S.Murmu.2014. Article- “Human Resource Development: With focus on Training and Labour Policy in MSMEs.”  The Utkal Business Review, June 2014, Vol. XXVII, No. 1. Pp. 202-211. ISSN- 0975-6191.
  7. Murmu and S. Acharya. 2014. Chapter Writing for Masters in Social Work course, DDCE, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar.

  1. S.K.Digal and Dr. S. Murmu, 2015“ Sustaining Women entreprenureship through Inculcation of Competencies: An analysis of Interventions in Odisha”. EDI, Ahmedabad, Biennial Conference on Entrepreneurship.

  1. Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India Ahmedabad, India. Eleventh Biennial Conference on Entreprenureship, 18-20 Feb- 2015.
  2. Paper presented-“ Sustaining Women entreprenureship through Inculcation of Competencies: An analysis of Interventions in Odisha”.
  3. Utkal University, ASC, Bhubaneswar, FDP, UGC sponsored. 20th - 27th March,2015.
  4. Indian Institute of Production Management, Kansbahal, Odisha. Two days workshop on “ Multivarient analysis” , 8th – 9th November, 2014. Sponsored by ICSSR.
  5. P .G. Dept of Commerce, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar. UGC Sponsored National Seminar on “ Effective Regulation and Governance for Economic Sustainability”, 9th- 10th March 2014.
  6. P .G. Dept of Commerce, Utkal University,  International Seminar on “ Indian Insurance Industry: Sustainability in the Era of Globalisation”, 24th -25th January, 2013.
  7. Paper : “Reflections on the Human Resource Development in Indian Insurance Companies”.
  8. Regional College of Management, Bhubaneswar. Association of Indian Management Schools, 23rd Annual Management Education Convention, 2011, 25th -27th August, 2011.
  9. DDCE, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar. UGC Centre for Social Exclusion and Inclusion Policy Study. National Seminar on “ Social Exclusion and Social Justice in India”, 26th -27th March, 2011.
  10. G. Dept of Commerce, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar. National Seminar on “ Strategic Marketing for Sustainable Entrepreneurship”, 5th-6th March, 2011.
  11. Motilal Nehru College (Eve), Dept. of Economics, University of  National Seminar on “ Industrial: Development for Whom?”, 20th -21st March, 2012.  
  12. Paper presented – Industry Led Growth as the Panacea for Socio- Economic Develoment in Odisha: Do the twins ever meet?
  13. G. Dept of Commerce, Utkal University,  Bhubaneswar. International Seminar on “ Development of  Entreprenreship in MSME- A way forward to sustainability”, 6th – 7th March,2012.
  14.  Paper presented – “HRD  with focus on training and labour policy in MSMEs”.
  15. DDCE, Utkal University, Summer Refresher Course, UGC Sponsored, 25th June to 15th July, 2012. Topic- “  Social Sciences: Issues and Challenges for 21st
  16. NHRD, NMEICT, Project- Microsoft  Saksham, 11th – 20th Oct, 2012. Venue- P.G. Dept of Computer Science and Application, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar.
  17. Utkal University ASC,  Bhubaneswar, Faculty Development Program. 30th January to 7th February, 2012.
  18. AIMA, FDP, Regional College of Management, Bhubaneswar. 17th April, 2012.
  19. Berhampur University, Berhampur, Odisha. National Conference on “ Business Ethics and CSR”, 18th – 19th December, 2010.
  20. Himachal University, Shimla, ASC, Refresher Course on Business Studies, 17th May to 05th June, 2010.

  • Teaching and research activities.
  • Worked as in- charge of department library since 2007
  • Industrial tour guide.
  • Admission of students.
  • Superintendent of University Ladies’ Hostel for one year.
  • Tabulator for University Examinations
  • Organise department orientations program, national seminars, workshops, lecture series
  • Question setting and evaluation of PM&IR, for University Examinations.
  • Acted as expert in interview for “ Union bank of India”, Bhubaneswar: 2013.
  • Delivered lecture on “ Problems and Prospects of Contract Labour ((Regulation and Abolition) Act, 1970” in Odisha State Warehousing Corporation Training program: 2013.
  • Member in Sexual harassment cell of NHPC, Bhubaneswar. 2014.