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Dr. Asima Ranjan Parhi

Asima Ranjan Parhi Name : Asima Ranjan Parhi
Designation : Professor & HEAD
Qualification : MA, M. Phil, Ph. D
Phone No. : +91-9436049121
E-mail ID : asim(dot)parhi(at)gmail(dot)com

  • Linguistics and English Language Teaching (ELT)
  • Literary Theory
  • British Literature

  • Research Methodology
  • Literary Theory
  • Linguistics and ELT
  • Phonetics And the use of English
  • British Poetry, Plays, Fiction
  • American Literature
  • Indian Writing in English
  • Indian Writing in Translation
  • World Literature
  • Mr. Bidyut Lochan Behera (Awarded). Title: Representations of Masculinity in the Select Novels of Herman Melville and Joseph Conrad.
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1 Associate, IIAS (Indian Institute of Advanced Study), Shimla, India (2005-2008) .

  • Teaching
    • Lecturer, Indira Gandhi Govt. College, Arunachal Pradesh, 10.10.1994-09.10.1999
    • Senior Lecturer, Indira Gandhi Govt. College, Arunachal Pradesh, 10.10.1999-02.09.2004        
    • Selection Grade Lecturer, Indira Gandhi Govt. College, Arunachal Pradesh, 03.09.2004-05.06.2007
    • Reader, Indira Gandhi Govt. College, Arunachal Pradesh, 06.06.2007 - 02.09.2007
    • Associate Professor, Indira Gandhi Govt. College, Arunachal Pradesh, 03.09.2007-21.08.2008
    • Assistant Professor, Rajiv Gandhi Universtiy (Central), Arunachal Pradesh, 22.08.2008-31.08.2008           
    • Associate Professor, Rajiv Gandhi Universtiy (Central), Arunachal Pradesh, 01.09.2008-31.08.2011
    • Professor (CAS), Rajiv Gandhi Universtiy (Central), Arunachal Pradesh, 01.09.2011-22.05.2014
    • Professor (Substantive), Rajiv Gandhi Universtiy (Central), Arunachal Pradesh, 23.05.2014-28.01.2016
    • Professor, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, 01.02.2016-Continuing
  • Other Information (Position held at past institution, Rajiv Gandhi University, Arunachal Pradesh)
    • Dean, School of Languages (From May 2015)
    • Head,Dept. of English, Rajiv Gandhi University (September 2011-June 2015)
    • Coordinator, International Scholars’ Cell, RGU, Arunachal Pradesh
    • Career Guidance Cell
    • Cultural and Literary Advisor
    • Editor of ‘The Horizon’, IGG College, Tezu
    • Academic Council
    • Editorial Board of The Rono Post (Rajiv Gandhi University Newsletter)
    • The Peak and The RGU Watch
    • Literary Committee, RGU
    • Executive Council, Rajiv Gandhi University Teachers’ Association
    • Faculty Board of Studies for Ph.D (Languages)
    • Convenor and Chairperson, BPGS, BUGS, Ph.D. Syllabus
    • Annual Report (2009-10) & (2010-2011)
    • Application Screening Committee
    • Board of Management, BPGS, BUGS (IDE), RGU
    • Review Editor of British Journal of Education and Psychology, IJEL etc.
    • BPGS, BUGS, M.Phil. (Mass Communication)
    • DBS(Anthropology)
    • BUGS (Nagaland University), NERIST (Arunachal Pradesh)
    • Chairperson, Inter University/College Debate competition